1. The enduring essence of consciousness extends beyond the brain, transcending it and capable of existing independently of it;
  2. This aspect of consciousness is eternal in nature, unbounded by space, time and matter, and is able to manifest in other forms and places throughout the spectrum of eternal existence;
  3. All things in the cosmos are interconnected at the quantum level, influencing each other non-locally and instantaneously, implying that all things are one in the grand web of creation;
  4. The meaning and purpose of all existence and the organizing principle of the cosmos which drives the evolution of all things is to become greater expressions of harmony and love….loving all things unconditionally, including oneself;
  5. There is a profound Intelligence or Source underlying the creation and evolution of the universe from which all things originate and to which all things return;
  6. In an interconnected universe an intricate matrix of cause-effect relationships exists, suggesting that what we to others we do to ourselves, which means that we reap what we sow; and
  7. The good of the one and the good of the whole are mutually enhancing, affirming the ancient wisdom that the quality of both individual and collective existence is enhanced by bringing every aspect of creation into a state of complete unity, harmony and love.