Just wake up

Just wake up. Stop playing games, just wake up. All you've got to do is become tired of the world and just wake up. As long as you have desires, wants and needs you cannot wake up. So how many of you are ready to give up all your desires, wants and needs? Not too many, that's why you can't wake up. Because there's something in your mind that's very important to you. Get rid of that and you'll wake up. Even if you're thinking right now, I can't wait to go home and eat dinner, that's a strong desire. That prevents you from waking up. Or when I leave here I'm going to see this movie. That's a desire that prevents you from waking up. To wake up you've got to be desire-less, total desire-less. That's in your mind of course. It doesn't mean that you have to give up anything physically. You have to give it up mentally.

As an example: If you're attached to your car. And you're always thinking about your car, how you love it. You hope nobody steals it. Those thoughts have got to go. Enjoy your car. Drive your car, but do not allow it to possess you. In your mind that is. So you really don't have to give up anything physically. Everything is given up mentally.

-Robert Adams