Kaj se zgodi ob samoizročitvi?

What happens is this: as you keep giving up all the reactions to life, as you begin to surrender everything to the one Self, the one Self which is the absolute reality, the pure awareness takes over. And will do whatever you have to do, even better than you can do it yourself. This power that knows the way will take you over completely. And it will speak for you. Do everything for you that you have to do and yet you will feel that you are not the doer. Yet everything will be done perfectly. Many people are afraid to give up their senses. For they believe that they will turn into a vegetable. But this is not true. You will always function. You will always do what you came to this earth to do. And you will even do it better than you ever can imagine. So do not concern yourself about these things. SImply go within, surrender everything to the Self. Give up everything.
~Robert Adams